Tusk Enduro Dual Sport Street Legal Lighting Kit YAMAHA WR250F WR450F YZ250FX

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WR250F - 2003-2009 & 2011-2013 & 2015-2019

WR450F - 2003-2009 & 2011-2018

YZ250FX - 2015-2019

YZ450FX - 2015-2019

TTR250 - 1999-2006

The kit is intended for motorcycles with existing headlights.

    Designed to be a simple way to provide front and rear turn signals, tail/brake lights, horn, and rearview mirror for your motorcycle. 
    The Tusk Motorcycle Enduro Lighting Kit is easy to install and does not require cutting into or messing with your motorcycle’s existing wiring. 

Kit Contains:

1 Set- Tusk MX D-Flex Replacement Aluminum MC Mount

1  -Tusk Left Hand Dual Sport Mirror

1 - Tusk Universal On/Off Switch

1 - Tusk L.E.D. TailLight/Brake Light Under Fender 

1 - Tusk Enduro Lighting Kit Replacement Wire Harness

1 - Tusk Compact Control Switch With Headlight Options 

1 - Tusk L.E.D. Flasher Relay

1 - Tusk Universal Horn

1 - Tusk Hydraulic Brake Switch Nissan Brakes

1 Set- Tusk MX D-Flex Replacement Plastic Hand Shields W/Turn Signal Hole Black 

1 Set- Tusk Handguard Replacement Turn Signal

1 - Tusk Mini Flush Mount L.E.D. Turn Signals


(No reviews yet) Write a Review