Trail Tech Voyager GPS Trails Computer, State Map SD Card, and Mounting Bracket KLR650

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Comes with ONE State Specific SD Map Card. When ordering, please specify which state you need ARIZONA, COLORADO, IDAHO, MICHIGAN, NEVADA, OREGON, or OREGON. If you require additional state map cards, please send us a message with the additional state you require BEFORE ordering for an offer to purchase. Each additional state map SD card is 17.99 each. 
KLR650 - 1987-2007
    GPS capabilities that let you download, manage, and create trail maps. With this you can find a trail based on someone else’s map, or blaze a path of your own and let the Voyager map your progress via GPS and Google Earth. 
    GPS trail logging, GPS speed, engine rpm, distance, run hours, compass, altitude, ambient temp, and engine temp—any of which can be displayed on the customizable interface. Info is displayed in real time, but the Voyager adds another layer by storing performance and trail data to review later. For example, Voyager tracks engine operating temps so it can be graphed alongside altitude changes, letting you know exactly how your machine is performing all along your route. With machine specific integration, the option to draw power from your bike's wiring harness or internal battery, and plenty of customization options, you can experience all the Voyager has to offer in an orientation designed for your needs.
Package Includes detailed instructions, ONE State Specific SD Map card and one mounting bracket.
  • Includes everything needed for installation
  • Designed to fit your specific machine
  • Displays GPS speed, rpm, distance, run hours, compass, altitude, ambient temp, engine temp, LED alerts, time, and volt meter
  • Uses Micro SD cards for file transfer and storage
  • Installing sensors requires running only 5 wires to various systems
  • GPS trail logging tracks position and creates maps of new areas
  • Diagnostic screen tracks data for performance reference
  • Wheel sensors track distance regardless of GPS
  • Customizable screen and display layout
  • 240 x 400 WQVGA LCD screen is easily readable even in direct sunlight
  • View, organize, edit, and share maps
  • Upload trail maps from any GPS
  • Li-Ion internal battery with external power option
  • Download free GPS trails at
  • Check for the latest software updates
  • Upload routes from any GPS or PC. Use to download and share your favorite trails
  • Bikes that do not have AC power will need to us an AC wall charger in order to charge this unit.
State SD Card Maps:
ARIZONA: ATV Trails, Miles of Track: 2994. # of Tracks: 181
COLORADO: ATV Trails, Miles of Track: 1760.8. # of Tracks: 98
IDAHO: ATV Trails, Miles of Track: 11476.2. # of Tracks: 8603; Motorcycle Trails, Miles of Track: 4789.5. # of Tracks: 1275
MICHIGAN: ATV Trails, Miles of Track: 825.8. # of Tracks: 151; Motorcycle Trails, Miles of Track: 2786.3. # of Tracks: 393
NEVADA: ATV Trails, Miles of Track: 4169.2. # of Tracks: 275
OREGON: OHV (Moto/ATV/4x4) Trails, Miles of Track: 526.6. # of Tracks: 148
UTAH: OHV (ATV/UTV) Trails, Miles of Track: 28284. # of Tracks: 130; Motorcycle Trails, Miles of Track: 399.9. # of Tracks: 91


(No reviews yet) Write a Review