Lexx MXe Slip-on Exhaust w/ Mid Pipe & Trail Saver Quiet Core QUADSPORT Z400

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Product Overview

Forest Service approved spark arrestor.


Tunable exhaust - Comes with interchangeable quiet core tuning tips (as low as 96 decibels)

Kit also contains a Trail Saver Quiet Core as low as 85 decibels (rated on a KTM) For those sensitive areas that require really quiet exhaust

Fits: SUZUKI Z400 Quadsport - 2003-2009 and 2012-2014

      The Lexx MXe Slip-on Silencer with Mid-Pipe is a fully tunable silencer built on a solid foundation of lightweight 6061 T6 aluminum and 304 stainless steel construction. Inside the oval canister body you’ll find plenty of space for packing material that provides great sound reduction and longer periods between maintenance. (available separately) In the end cap you’ll find an interchangeable tuning tip that lets you change your power, sound output, and spark arresting using optional tuning tips. These tips are easily swapped, and depending on your make, model, and tip selection, you can gain up to 4 horsepower. Choose the tuning tip that works best for you!

Exhaust Specs:

  • Change from a race exhaust (46mm Race Tip) to a forest friendly silencer (Quiet Core Insert) with just three bolts
  • Engineered to improve torque and acceleration with an increase of up to 4 horsepower on some machines
  • Lightweight design saves up to 3.5 lbs. over the stock exhaust
  • Included 46mm Race Tip for closed course competition
  • Includes USFA approved Quiet Core spark arrestor Insert that brings sound levels down below 96db
  • Optional tuning exhaust tips and optional screen type Spark Arrestor are available to allow user to further tune power and sound characteristics
  • Constructed of lightweight 6061 T6 aluminum and durable 304 stainless steel
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Trail Saver Quiet Core Specs:

  • Extremely quiet Spark Arrestor insert for the Lexx MXe exhaust.
  • Engineered for sound reduction when riding in sensitive areas.
  • Directs sound to let the ground absorb some of the sound.
  • Up to 15 dB quieter than race tip. They have been sound tested as low as 85 dB on some machines.
  • Adds more tunability to the Lexx MXe exhaust.
  • Forest Service approved spark arrestor.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review